Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Haiku # 058
Left behind footprints
made inevitably, living

destined Journey my life!!


Haiku # 057
Nature's shiny- tear drop
courageous dreams, exploring

dangerous territory!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Writer’s aide..

Haiku # 056
Writer’s aide..
Carving dreams merging
emotional deep extremes

writers writing pen !


Haiku # 055
Aided glide human flight
feeling bird like paradise
Glider’s view of life!

Image from the net.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Troiku Style 1 - One sleigh and 3 horses

Haiku # 054
Sapling’s novel beginning……

Immolated seed
emerging source’s life in spring
nature's prodigy!!

Immolated seed
Novel gentle beginning
conquered cogent land!

emerging source's life in spring
astounding beauty
slowly spreading wings!

nature's prodigy
unique new phase, marvelous
life's emerging way's!!

TROIKU, A new form of haiku

Here is a writing technique which is really modern and very new!
In my opinion, it captures the essence of  Haiku and blends regular poetic form, the technique is Haiku and the feel is poetic. The effect is magical, I loved it truly.

This post is written for a prompt from Carpe Demi. Really interesting technique.
and is the original idea of +Kristjaan Panneman !
My understanding of this style and a brief from what I read!
The word Troika typically menace a triplet, its origin is Russian meaning a horse chariot with three horses!

The basic technique is to have a base Haiku, this is our sleigh which is further connected to three Haiku's or three horses of our Haiku chariot connected in a symmetry.

The first line of our sleigh haiku will be the first line of our first horse, the second line of our sleigh will be the first line of second horse and the last line of sleigh haiku will be the first line of our third horse.

I have followed the traditional rule of 5-7-5, my blend to this technique.
Since it's a Troika meaning a horse chariot with three horses it cannot be 5-7-5 through out.

Sleigh is 5-7-5 syllables, Horse 1 is 5-7-5, Horse 2 is 7-5-5 and Horse 3 is 5-7-5

The other option or Style 2 could be with 2 Base Haiku's or sleighs with 6 connecting Horses, here is how it would look graphically.

I will be posting a style 2 Troika next!
This is really amazing, not very easy but a positive challenge to create something different.

Option 3 or Style 3 would be the toughest to write with 3 Base Haiku's and 9 connecting horses. Here is how it would look graphically.

The challenge is to find a way to connect the three sleighs logically and to also create a symmetry between the 9 horses. A truly difficult composition!